2PM’s Taecyeon may have gotten a little too excited singing TWICE’s “YES or YES” at karaoke!

On January 29, Taecyeon revealed on Twitter that he was enjoying his time off from the military by hanging out with his cousins at a karaoke bar. He then shared a hilarious video of himself passionately covering TWICE’s hit song “YES or YES,” writing in the caption, “TWICE is the best!!”

The entertaining video starts out with the 2PM member having a blast as he does his best to channel his former JYP Entertainment labelmates. Although the camera initially faces the karaoke screen, Taecyeon turns his phone around to film himself approximately 38 seconds into the clip. Not only does he breathlessly take on all nine members’ parts, but he valiantly attempts to show off his cute side and even gets up at one point to imitate the choreography, saying, “I think the dance was something like this!”

Unfortunately, however, after pouring all of his energy into hitting the high notes, Taecyeon ultimately collapses from exhaustion, declaring, “This song is way too hard.”

Watch Taecyeon’s hilarious rendition of “YES or YES” below!