JTBC’s “Untouchable” has released a new clip of Apink member Jung Eun Ji on her first day of filming!

In the behind-the-scenes video, Jung Eun Ji prepares to immerse herself in her new role as Seo Yi Ra, a clever prosecutor, for the very first time. The idol-turned-actress cutely admits to being nervous about her first day of filming, and she ends up having to shoot several takes of her scenes.

However, the Apink member remains her usual bubbly self. Admiring the police officer uniform worn by Jin Kyung (who plays her mother in the drama), she remarks, “When I was little, my dream was wearing a uniform. I even joined the Girl Scouts for that reason!”

Luckily, after a few mistakes, Jung Eun Ji finally nails her takes, and the filming for the day comes to a successful close.

Check out the full clip below!

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