Apink’s Jung Eun Ji moved the audience to tears for continuing to sing despite her back injury.

On April 7, MBC’s “Duet Song Festival” aired a “King of Kings” special for its final episode. During the show, Jung Eun Ji and her partner covered the song “Wind That Blows” by M.C The Max.

Throughout the song, Jung Eun Ji could be seen trying her best to hide her pain while belting out her high notes. Near the end of the song, however, she couldn’t help but choke up, overcome with emotion.

After delivering a powerfully touching performance, Jung Eun Ji and her partner immediately broke down into tears, making some of the audience members cry as well. Jung Eun Ji then apologized to both her partner and the audience for not being able to give her best performance. She expressed that she was disappointed in herself for ruining her partner’s stage.

The panelists and audience, however, praised her professionalism and warmly applauded her for carrying on until the end.

Watch the episode starting with Jung Eun Ji’s performance below!

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