ASTRO has now joined the ranks of the many celebrities who have danced to Sunmi’s “Gashina“!

On the December 9 episode of “Immortal Songs,” popular boy group ASTRO was one of the guests. Members Moonbin and JinJin stepped up to do a cover of the hit choreography from Sunmi’s “Gashina” when prompted.

As the chorus played, they danced to the beat with perfect choreography. All the other celebrities on the show were stunned, including one of the hosts Hwang Chi Yeol, who couldn’t hide his awe as he said, “Wow.” They ended cutely, earning a round of applause from the crowd.

When that was over, Moon Hee Jun, another host of the show, called up the indie band Rose Motel to show their moves to the same song. Moonbin came up as well to teach them the moves. Yook Joong Wan stepped back to watch, and after seeing Moonbin’s example, he joked, “You’re too tense.”

The three of them started to dance to “Gashina” together. Whereas Moonbin’s dance moves were flawless, the two Rose Motel members appeared as if they’re playing rock-paper-scissors. In the end, they just danced however they felt like, garnering hearty laughter from the crowd.

Watch the clip below!

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