B.A.P keeps their promise to their fans, and have released a new dance practice video for “Feel So Good,” which was produced by leader Bang Yong Guk.

The video starts out with Himchan asking his members why they’ve gathered together. Daehyun jokes that it’s to exercise, and he starts doing push-ups, while Zelo does sit-ups, before Himchan mentions the real reason for this video.

Staying true to the playful song, the members are energetic and lively while dancing, with a few comedic antics thrown in. At one point, Zelo does push-ups against the mirror, and even brings out a hairbrush, brushing both his own hair, as well as Youngjae‘s.

Watch their adorable dancing below!

Meanwhile, B.A.P are in the midst of their 2016 world tour, with their next stop in San Francisco on April 14.