15&’s Baek Yerin has made her first solo comeback!

On June 19, the music video for her digital single “Bye Bye My Blue” was revealed via JYP Nation’s V Live channel, just moments before Baek Yerin’s scheduled live chat session via V app. The release will be made available on online music stores on June 20 at midnight KST. This single marks Baek Yerin’s first release since her solo debut with “Across the Universe” last November.

“Bye Bye My Blue” is a soothing modern pop ballad with a beautiful piano melody, and Baek Yerin’s dreamy vocals add her signature touch to the song. She also took part in writing the lyrics for the track. In the equally dreamy music video, Baek Yerin is seen hanging out in the urban jungle of Seoul, both with her friends and by herself, appearing lost in thought.

Watch the music video here!


The video is now available on YouTube.