BLACKPINK’s Jennie released a music video for her solo debut track, “SOLO”!

On November 12, the music video for “SOLO” was released. “SOLO” is a hip-hop track with pop elements. The song talks about a confident and proud ‘solo’ individual who is not bound by sadness even after breaking up with her lover.

Jennie previously stated, “Many women are in a relationship where they give up a lot of things just to be loved by someone else. But even though they put in a lot of effort, in many cases, it will return to them as pain. The song talks about being free rather than making up a fake version of yourself.”

In the video, Jennie portrays both a fragile and delicate girl and a strong, independent woman. Her contrasting images as well as her unique performances catch viewers’ eyes.

Check out Jennie’s music video below!