On the latest episode of “Sugar Man 2,” legendary singers Jang Nara and Yang Dong Geun hit viewers with a blast from the past!

During the May 20 broadcast of the JTBC music variety show, Block B’s BASTARZ and Lovelyz put their own spin on iconic songs by the two veteran artists.

Singer-turned-actress Jang Nara returned to the stage for the first time in 16 years to sing her famous hit “Sweet Dream.” She commented afterwards, “My first performance in 16 years. I was really, really nervous.”

When asked why she hadn’t continued to pursue her music career, Jang Nara explained, “For a while, all I did was acting, and then it became difficult for me to go back to singing. Looking back, I wasn’t good at multitasking.”

However, she went on to reveal that she had recently become interested in returning to music. She shared, “While I was practicing my vocals for a song that I want to sing, I received the offer from ‘Sugar Man,’ which is how I ended up appearing on the show.”

Rapper Yang Dong Geun also performed his classic hit “Alley” and talked about his reasons for wanting to remake the song, which was originally sung by Lee Jae Min. Yang Dong Geun, who began his career in the entertainment industry as a child actor, recalled, “When I was young, I spent more time on filming sets than I did at school. So I ended up listening to a lot of music by myself. I liked hip hop music, and it influenced me a great deal.”

He went on to explain that he had been inspired by the original version of the song. “‘Alley’ is a remake song,” he said. “The original song was sung by Lee Jae Min, and his performance wormed its way into my head and stuck with me.”

Yang Dong Geun also shared the reason why he no longer promotes as a rapper. “I was bothered by the things I’d said [in my songs],” he confessed. “During the process of transforming from a free spirit into a father, I kept thinking, ‘Why did I act like that?’”

He added jokingly, “That, and my albums also didn’t sell.”

Lovelyz and Block B’s BASTARZ then took to the stage to perform their own modern rearrangements of “Sweet Dream” and “Alley” respectively. Check out their live performances below!

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