Cre.Ker Entertainment has released new footage of The Boyz getting emotional behind the scenes of their debut!

On December 6, The Boyz held a debut showcase for their first album, “The First,” featuring the title track “Boy.” The new clip shows the group rehearsing and preparing backstage, with a few members sharing their thoughts on finally being able to debut.

“The fact that we’re debuting is really hard to believe,” remarked Q. “I can’t believe it.”

Sangyeon chimed in, “It feels like a dream. I’m excited, but I’m also a little nervous.”

After successfully wrapping up their showcase, The Boyz were unable to hold back their tears as they thanked their fans for coming to see them. “I’m so, so grateful to our fans,” said Sunwoo. “This is our first debut performance, and I’m so happy that we were able to spend that performance together with all of you.”

However, the tears didn’t end there. After the group members had cried together onstage, comforting each other in a large group hug, they returned backstage to discover their parents waiting for them. The Boyz burst into tears yet again as they embraced their family, some of whom they had not seen for a long time. Members Eric, Kevin, and Jacob were particularly emotional, as their parents had flown all the way from the United States and Canada to attend their debut showcase.

The Boyz’s first album recently placed third on Gaon’s weekly chart for the week of December 3 to December 9. In addition to promoting in Korea, the idols already have the rest of the globe in their sights as well — it was announced earlier this month that the group signed an exclusive Japanese contract with Sony Music even before its official Korean debut.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes clip of The Boyz’s debut showcase below!

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