On the latest episode of SBS’s “Master in the House,” the cast members did their best to crack up veteran actor Cha In Pyo with their attempts at comedy!

The April 29 broadcast of the variety show featured the second installment of the members’ training under the tutelage of master Cha In Pyo, who is currently working on producing a documentary film about the nonverbal comedy troupe Ongals.

During the episode, Cha In Pyo challenged the cast to make him laugh within 60 seconds, inviting them to use props and disguises as they each took turns trying to make him crack a smile before their minute was up.

Yang Se Hyung went first, though he expressed the same utter lack of confidence shared by the other members. He remarked in a dispirited tone, “This is the kind of thing that even comedians find hard to do. Even the most amazing veteran comedians would find this hard.”

However, he still gamely pressed onward with his amusing parody of Cha In Pyo’s shampoo commercial, even using actual soap to lather up his hair in an attempt to make the actor laugh.

After Yang Se Hyung’s unfortunate failure, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae was up next. The idol-turned-actor cracked everyone up with his impassioned parody of Cha In Pyo’s iconic “angry acting.” As Cha In Pyo struggled to hold back his laughter, Yook Sungjae kicked things up a notch by suddenly breaking into the “backpack kid” dance.

The episode also featured a meeting between the four cast members and the comedy troupe Ongals, who attempted to teach them a few tricks of the trade. Actors Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Seung Gi held nothing back as they bravely took their first stab at slapstick comedy.

Check out the full episode of “Master in the House” below!

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