BTS has returned with their repackaged album “Love Yourself: Answer” and a music video for its title track “IDOL”!

This two-CD special album by the group is the conclusion to their hit “Love Yourself” series, which began last year with the mini album “Love Yourself: Her,” featuring “DNA.” They went on to release their full album “Love Yourself: Tear” earlier this year that included the track “Fake Love,” and also shared a short film titled “Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself: Wonder” as part of the story.

There are 25 tracks in total on “Love Yourself: Answer,” including many hits and fan-favorites from BTS’s previous releases in the series as well as seven new songs. The album’s powerful title track “IDOL” is described as based on South African dance style, and it features a mix of the traditional and modern. The song includes a trap groove rap that’s backed up by EDM, as well as the rhythm of Korean traditional instruments and exclamations that are a part of pansori, a Korean form of musical storytelling that goes back to the Joseon Dynasty.

The music video for “IDOL” also showcases traditional culture, featuring elements of Korea’s heritage in their costumes as well as the video’s imagery and setting.

Check out BTS’s “IDOL” MV below!

BTS is next embarking on a world tour, which they’ll open with concerts in Seoul on August 25 and 26. Their shows around the globe include a sold-out stadium concert in New York City, making BTS the first ever Korean artist to perform a solo concert at a stadium in the United States.

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