BTS’s Jungkook has shared a new “Golden Closet Film” production!

On April 30, Jungkook surprised fans with the gift of a video that shows the members enjoying their travels in Osaka, including a shopping trip that Jungkook took with fellow “maknae line” members Jimin and V. The video is set to the song “Your Side of the Bed” by Loote.

This is the latest of Jungkook’s “Golden Closet Film” videos, after he shared a compilation of fun moments with Jimin in Tokyo last November, and fans are once again impressed by his directing and editing talents!

Check out the fun video below!

BTS is currently preparing to make a comeback on May 18 with their full album “Love Yourself: Tear.” They’ll be performing their new song for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20.