BTS shared a video of themselves touring their recent exhibition, which both reveals their fun reactions to their memories as well as gives fans who couldn’t attend a look at the amazing sights!

BTS’s 2018 exhibition “Oh, Neul” was held from August 25 to October 28 in Seoul, covering four floors of the Ara Art Center with memories of the group’s history.

On February 6, BTS revealed a video of the members touring the exhibition themselves and enjoying the chance to relive many of their great moments.

RM commented as they entered the exhibition that as someone who goes to exhibitions regularly, he though it was off to a good start. BTS’s lyrics on the wall inspired Jimin to sing and dance, and the members reminisced over their history as they took in walls of photos. V also laughed at a photo of a much younger Jungkook, and Jimin took a picture of V posing with it.

Jimin screamed when he came across J-Hope watching old videos on a screen. “Why is this here?” he said with a laugh as he watched an old video of himself on the beach. “My little brother’s in that one! That was a New Year log.”

As RM took in all the things to see, he shared his wisdom that exhibitions have to be appreciated slowly and at your own pace. Jimin also got into the bathtub in a recreation of their “Run” MV set as RM joked that he shouldn’t because it’s against the rules.

Jungkook was also excited to see his painting in the exhibition. He had created a new piece of artwork after a painting he’d created of Suga for his “Begin” short film was burned as part of the video filming. “This is my painting, please love it a lot,” he said to fans through the video.

The guys also were amazed by their old dance practice videos, and then happily danced to “MIC Drop” in a special room that was designed like their music video set. The members also had fun exploring more recreations of sets from their former videos.

Gas masks that the members had designed themselves were displayed in another part of the exhibition, with the masks each representing one of their songs. The guys admired their artwork, and laughed over the cute mask that V had designed for “Anpanman.”

They also looked back on how hard it was to film for one section of the exhibition, where they had to stand completely still for a while to make the footage seem like a photo before finally moving.

BTS also penned messages to put in a capsule, as well as wrote lyrics and messages on the mirrors, walls, and more for fans.

Take a tour of BTS’s exhibition with the guys themselves in the video below!