BTS made a guest appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on September 25 (local time) and the members had a great time performing, taking on a dance challenge, and sharing what they’ve been up to!

First, BTS and Jimmy Fallon took on the Fortnite Dance Challenge, where they were tasked with following the dance moves that the characters in the game “Fortnite” perform. The members showed off their talents as dancers and were able to ace the challenge with lying colors. They even took a moment to teach Jimmy Fallon the “IDOL” dance.

Jimmy Fallon also took a moment to sit down with BTS in the studio to catch up with them on what they’ve been up to. The members not only introduced themselves to the audience, they also spoke about their historic speech at the United Nations, what they’ve loved about their time in New York City, and their future goals.

BTS also put on a show-stopping performance of their latest title track “IDOL,” as well as a bonus performance of “I’m Fine.” Check out the performances below!