The cast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” put their knowledge of TWICE, Tashannie, and WINNER’s lyrics to the test.

On the April 28 episode, the cast listened to a brief clip of three songs and tried to correctly guess the lyrics word for word during the show’s segment “Do Re Mi Market.” The member who correctly guessed the lyrics would win delicious food as their prize.

The first song was TWICE’s “Heart Shaker” and the cast listened intently in order to win sugar-filled Korean pancakes. They expressed confidence due to the popularity of TWICE’s songs.

Host Boom warned, “TWICE members are from different countries, so it may be hard.” As expected, the cast had difficulty after listening to the part where they had to guess the lyrics for.

Shin Dong Yup joked, “Park Jin Young let them get away recording like this?” SHINee’s Key commented, “The lyrics are really profound,” and couldn’t make out what exactly he had heard. Girl’s Day’s Hyeri insisted what she heard was correct, saying that she was close with TWICE’s Sana and knew how she pronounced things.

In the end, the cast failed to correctly guess the lyrics during the first, second, and third round for TWICE’s song, and had to watch a BJ (broadcasting jockey) do a mukbang with the pancakes.

The second song was “Warning” by Tashannie (Yoon Mi Rae and Annie) with abalone porridge as the reward. Park Na Rae expressed confidence in the song as it is from 1999 and said that she sang it a lot at karaoke. However, the members had difficulty nailing down the lyrics during the rap part of the song.

After failing the first round, the cast relied on Key and rapper Hanhae, and couldn’t pass the second round. For the third round, they failed to listen to Hyeri and got it wrong once again.

The third and final song of the night was WINNER’s “Really Really” with raw fish soup at stake. The cast became motivated after seeing the delicious dish and prepared to listen to the song.

Boom said, “Hanhae is close with Song Mino” and pressured the rapper. Hanhae commented, “I know Mino’s lyric writing habits. He creates rhymes with vowels.” Despite this, the cast couldn’t correctly guess the lyrics during the first round.

During the second round, Boom gave an action hint to the cast. Hyeri shouted, “Ceremony!” and filled in the blank of a difficult part of the song. They put their trust in Park Na Rae and Key, but did not succeed in guessing the correct lyrics yet again.

“Amazing Saturday” airs on Saturdays at 7:40 p.m.

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