tvN recently released a behind-the-scenes clip of their highly anticipated drama, “Chicago Typewriter.” In the clip, the stars of the drama gave viewers some insight into the roles that they would be playing.

Yoo Ah In, the male lead in the drama, first commented on why he was drawn to his role. “The character I am portraying is a popular novelist. I was drawn to this role because the nature of the character is different than anything I have done before,” he said. Yoo Ah In also revealed a dilemma his character is going through. “There are instances where a piece cannot be perfected but you are forced to put an end to it, and there is a strange feeling that goes along with that,” he said, revealing a challenge for his character to overcome.

Im Soo Jung also spoke about her role in the drama. “My character is a crazed fan. A really, really crazy fan. But through a certain incident, she becomes an anti-fan in a different time period,” said the actress, leaving viewers curious as to how the plots in the two timelines will play out.

Following this, Go Kyung Pyo talked about his role as a ghostwriter. “I play a very mysterious role which is difficult. I have to constantly remind myself to act naturally and not act in a way that is too forced.

When the cast was asked about their chemistry with one another, Yoo Ah In said, “I am always arguing with Im Soo Jung’s character, but we also share warm feelings towards one another.” Im Soo Jung further commented, “I think Yoo Ah In suits his role so well. He is so believable and because of this, I think I am drawn to his character’s charm even more.”

tvN’s “Chicago Typewriter” premieres on April 7 at 8 p.m. KST.

Are you excited to see Yoo Ah In and Im Soo Jung’s on-screen chemistry? 

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