A new trailer has been released for the upcoming MBC drama “Goodbye to Goodbye.”

Based on a web novel, “Goodbye to Goodbye” tells the intertwined stories of two completely different women, one married in her 50s and one single in her 20s, who live on opposite sides of the world. Together, they share their experiences with love, marriage, and motherhood.

In the trailer, Chae Si Ra falls asleep and dreams that she is walking in a forest, where she meets Jo Bo Ah. The younger woman runs away and Chae Si Ra chases after her, but when the two of them meet in an open glade, Chae Si Ra abruptly wakes up.

“Goodbye to Goodbye” premieres on May 26 and will be coming to Viki. The drama also stars UNB’s Jun, Jung Hye Young, and Lee Sung Jae.

Check out the teaser below!