Solo artist Chungha finally has her own colors and logo!

On December 24, her agency revealed a gradient of three colors to be her official fan colors, and a moon-inspired design as her official logo.

According to the short explanation given, the combination of these three colors as a gradient expresses Chungha’s diverse talents [and how] she is always changing. It also stands for her drive, how she is always up for various new challenges instead of sticking to one genre and type of performance, and works to create new trends.

Her agency also shared Chungha’s reaction to her own logo, and the meaning behind the moon design as well. “Chungha is a passionate ‘moon’ who does not remain content and relentlessly works hard for change and challenges. She is not afraid to show herself in front of the public, and is like a moon that changes day by day…,” the singer reads.

Check out her reaction below!

What do you think about her logo and colors?