CL has hinted that she may be releasing new music sometime in the near future!

On May 12, the singer shared a video on Instagram that teases the possibility of an upcoming release. The clip starts out with American talent manager Scooter Braun asking CL’s fans to go easy on him, explaining that he isn’t to blame for the singer’s long hiatus.

In the video, Scooter Braun says, “It isn’t my fault. I’ve been attacked. But I’m working really hard, because we have the music, it is ready, and it is time for it to come out.”

He then jokingly tells CL, who can be heard laughing behind the camera, “So, CL, call your fans off; I’m trying to get this music out. Let’s go, let’s go. An announcement’s coming soon.”

CL chimes in, “It’s time,” and Scooter Braun repeats meaningfully, “Coming soon.”

Are you excited to possibly see CL return with new music?

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