The members of DAY6 sat down with Buzzfeed to play a fun game of “Would You Rather.”

As Jae read each question out, the other members asked follow-up questions and shared their choices, also giving explanations for why they would pick one option over the other. The laughter didn’t stop throughout the video as the members answered questions like, “Would you rather know all the languages in the world or know how to play all the instruments?” and “Would you rather always have to tell the truth or tell lies.”

They also gave a sweet shoutout to their fans My Day during one of the questions. When asked, “Would you rather forget the words to your songs or forget the notes to your instrument mid-performance?” the members said they would rather forget the lyrics and Wonpil explained, “My Day could sing the lyrics for us,” to which Young Ki added, “My Days are the best!”

Check out the fun video below!