On May 23, Euna Kim and Jeon Min Ju held a press showcase for their debut as KHAN.

At the event, a reporter asked the former The Ark members who their role models are. In response, Euna Kim commented, “I personally really like BTS. They have broken the walls of Korean music to go abroad and make it to Billboard. Seeing that made me hope that KHAN could also achieve something big, so I really respct them.”

Jeon Min Ju chose Bruno Mars as her role model, explaining, “His ability to express is so great, he performs so freely, and he is also really good at singing. He is perfect, so seeing him made me wish to become like a female version of Bruno Mars.”

The duo also showcased live performances of some covers they have recently uploaded, including BTS’s “DNA.”

Check it out below:

Watch KHAN’s debut music video for “I’m Your Girl?” here!

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