During their appearance on the April 19 broadcast of “Weekly Idol,” EXID took on the infamous random play dance challenge to test whether they knew their choreography or not.

The members seemed to be a bit nervous, saying that they considered all of them a little hopeless at immediately remembering dance moves. With the punishment set as being hit with a toy hammer by Defconn looming over their heads, EXID got the music started.

It was a bit of a disaster from the get-go, with it taking Junghwa over ten seconds to figure out where she needed to be. Once she got her bearings, Hani seemed to trip up when the next song came on but she recovered. However, Hyerin made a mistake during “Ah Yeah” that was too hard to gloss over, and she was picked as the loser. She tried to argue that LE was wrong, but soon conceded defeat.

After quite a hard smack to the head, Hyerin joined the other members in a second round, this time with Jung Hyung Don promising to dole out the punishment. It seemed to be going okay until Hyerin stopped and proclaimed that LE had messed up the routine. However, she had forgotten that this time around, only Defconn and Jung Hyung Don would be picking out who messed up, not the members. She tried to argue yet again, but when everyone brought up that she had messed up during “Up Down” and it had been glossed over, she quickly conceded yet again.

Check out the video to see EXID and their hilarious antics during “Weekly Idol”!