EXID were guests for a Christmas special of “Weekly Idol” that aired on December 20.

In light of the Christmas theme, the members of EXID were given a mission to receive a Christmas present. The mission involved a phone call to Solji, who is currently taking a break from promotions due to health issues. There was a twist however, as the members would lose points every time Solji said their name during the phone call.

The emcees called Solji, who enthusiastically greeted the viewers with EXID’s greeting. She reassured fans that her health was getting better, and she was doing well now. The emcees then took the opportunity to ask Solji questions like “Who worried the most for you?” and “Which member are you most sorry towards?” in an attempt to get Solji to say her members’ names. While Solji sweetly talks about her members, the rest of her members are actually hoping she won’t call their name.

Check out the mission and the members’ hilarious reactions below!