EXID has released the music video for “How Why,” the third song of their “Re:flower” project!

The “Re:flower” project is a monthly series by EXID in which they share remastered versions of b-side tracks from their previous releases. “How Why” is a song from their mini album “Eclipse” and is an EDM track with witty lyrics that are directed at a guy whose heart has already left the relationship, but he finds himself unable to end the relationship and instead tries to get his partner to break things off.

The music video for the song follows the members to the recording studio, but also to EXID’s concert in 2017, where they performed the track for their fans. This was the concert that Solji made a surprise appearance in while on hiatus as she treated her hyperthyroidism, and she can be seen in the video on stage with her fellow members.

Check out the fun music video below!

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