On July 19, tvN’s “Taxi” featured EXID’s Solji as this week’s guest.

During the episode, Solji talks about when she was part of a duo called 2NB, before she later joined EXID. Solji shares that after two to three years of unsuccessful promotions, the group had the opportunity to sing karaoke in front of broadcast representatives in order to showcase their skill. When she offered to input a song for one of the representatives, they rudely remarked, “Are you a helper or something?” (Note: In South Korea, women who work in karaoke bars are called “helpers”) Solji confesses she left the room and burst into tears.

Solji also explains the hierarchy of the celebrity world. “Seniors and juniors aren’t determined by when they debuted, but by how popular they are. There were times when our greetings were ignored by juniors who were more popular.” However, Solji further adds that she gained strength from all of the negativity and persisted to achieve her dreams, eventually becoming a member of EXID.

Check out the clip below!