EXO-CBX is in for a wild ride as they leave their fate in the hands, or ladder rungs, of a game of chance.

A new teaser video for EXO-CBX’s variety show begins with the members staring imploringly at something, which turns out to be a board with a “Climbing the Ladder” game. In the game, ladder rungs are drawn at random across several ladders, and each person picks a starting point to arrive at a random end point. For EXO-CBX, the end points represent choices that will determine how their trip will go.

In a video taken during the planning stages of their trip, Chen is seen saying, “Let’s do something we’ve never done before,” as this is their first reality show. Baekhyun adds, “A ladder game trip,” setting in motion a string of events that make their trip one that they won’t forget.

At first, Baekhyun says, “I’m really confident!” but the scene immediately cuts to him begging to Chen, “Please give me some.” He then looks shocked as he says, “I can’t believe this is our fate,” to which Xiumin asks him, “And who suggested we play this game?”

Despite things maybe not going the way they hoped, EXO-CBX is full of laughs as they simply enjoy the moment.

Check out the fun teaser below!