Fei had a delightful surprise for fans as she danced to a medley of miss A’s title tracks, as well as her own solo releases!

She shared the video on her official YouTube channel on February 17, and Fei was joined by two dancers as she performed snippets of miss A’s popular hits “Bad Girl Good Girl,” “Breath,” “Goodbye Baby,” “Touch,” “Hush,” and “Only You.” At the end, she also performed moments from her solo releases like “Fantasy” and “Hello.”

Fei showcased her dancing talents as she took fans on a trip down memory lane. She made her debut as a member of miss A in 2010 with “Bad Girl Good Girl” and the group had a shining career with multiple hits, officially disbanding in 2017. Since then, Fei has been working on expanding her career in China.

Check out the video below!