Female duo ii has made their debut with “I’m Already You”!

ii (Daeun and Eunyoung) released their debut single album “Modern Classic” on May 1, along with the music video for their title track “I’m Already You.” The song is an urban R&B dance track that tells the story of someone who wishes to become one with the person they’re with. The complex but melodic sound mixes with the dramatic rise of an orchestra to give listeners a new experience.

The single album was helmed by producer Ham Sung Gyun, the main producer of agency H-Track and the winner of the Best Newcomer Composer Award at the 19th Korean Culture Entertainment Awards. He was involved in choosing the members, as well as producing the album.

The music video follows the two members of ii as they dance and sing in the streets of Hong Kong. Check out the debut video below!

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