What better or more enjoyable way to experience culture than through food? Other than watching someone else experience culture through food on your computer, of course.

After the filming of the Viki Original mini documentary “When You Call My Name” with MONSTA X, Soompi presented Gallant with more Korean food than he could possibly eat. And so began the mukbang (food broadcast).

From Korean staples like bibimbap and seafood pancake to snacks like shrimp crackers, chocopie (with kimchi, rice, and soy sauce…?), and a spicy fire chicken snack, Gallant tries it all.

Watch Gallant’s mukbang:

And if you’ve yet to see MONSTA X and Gallant in the mini documentary “When You Call My Name,” where they talk about how they started their music careers and the power of music in bridging cultures and people from around the world, check it out below! Their acoustic duet performance of MONSTA X’s “Beautiful” is a must-watch: