GFRIEND’s SinB, Umji, and Yerin prepared a special gift for one of their fans!

The three members participated in a segment by Dingo called “Please Take Care of My Wake-Up Call” (literal title), which involves a celebrity waking one their fans up and taking them to work.

GFRIEND had a little fun at first, with Umji calling the lucky fan and pretending to be her boss, scolding her for being late and saying they were there to pick her up. The fan was confused as to what was going on but when her doorbell rang, she opened the door to find the three GFRIEND members waiting for her. Both she and her sister were shocked, screaming in delight at the unexpected turn of events.

After getting ready, the lucky fan came downstairs and got in GFRIEND’s car as they were in charge of getting her to work safely. The members did their best to help her feel comfortable, joking around and suggesting they speak in an informal tone like friends.

They asked what’s been on her mind lately, and she shared how she worried about her younger sister’s low self-confidence. Sharing that her sister dreams of being part of an idol group because she loves to dance, GFRIEND suggested a video call with her sister, and they even sang for her sister as she danced to their latest title track “Time for the Moon Night.” They offered the two sisters advice and helped boost the younger sister’s confidence with their cheers.

GFRIEND also wanted to do something for the fan, so they sang some of her favorite GFRIEND songs, much to her delight. All of them were lost in the impromptu karaoke session and arrived at the fan’s workplace too soon. Before getting out of the car, GFRIEND gifted their fan with various healthy snacks, including scones that Yerin had baked herself.

With a final hug, the fan went to work with GFRIEND cheering her on.

Check out the special event below!