GFRIEND took their second win for their latest comeback, “Fingertip” (and their 31st win overall) on the April 11 episode of SBS MTV’s “The Show.”

GFRIEND was up against Girl’s Day and Oh My Girl this week and took the crown with a final score of 7858. Although “Fingertip” was released more than a month ago, the win proves that GFRIEND is still going strong after weeks of promotions.

Watch their performance and win below!

In addition, EXID, Teen Top, DAY6, and Oh My Girl made their first comeback appearances on “The Show” this week.

EXID – “Boy”

EXID – “Night Rather Than Day”

Teen Top – “Call Me”

Teen Top – “Love Is”

Oh My Girl – “Perfect Day”

Oh My Girl – “Coloring Book”

DAY6 – “I’m Serious”

Other performers included Girl’s Day, PRISTIN, VICTON, gugudan, Dreamcatcher, Romeo, SIXBOMB, and IMFACT.

Check out many of the performances below!

Girl’s Day – “I’ll Be Yours”

PRISTIN – “Wee Woo”

gugudan – “Rainbow”

Romeo – “Without U”

IMFACT – “Tension Up”

Dreamcatcher – “Good Night”

VICTON – “Blank”

Congratulations to GFRIEND!