Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon talked about being the last one living in the Girls’ Generation dorm.

On December 26, Hyoyeon appeared as a guest on FashionN’s “Take Care of My Vanity 3” to share her life style and beauty secrets.

Through her self-recorded video, Hyoyeon revealed the Girls’ Generation dorm house where she currently lives alone. Hyoyeon explained that the dorm was shared with Sunny until recently, when Sunny moved out to live in her own place.

As a fellow SM Entertainment colleague, MC Leeteuk informed the viewers by explaining, “If you live alone, you have to spend your own money. But if you live in a dorm, the agency provides it for you.”

In response to the revealed information, the panels praised Hyoyeon for her cost-effective way of housing.

As a well-known fashionista, Hyoyeon also revealed her jaw-dropping shoe collection and dress room filled with unique clothes. The singer shared, “I like the colors green and silver,” and unsurprisingly, many of the items in her closet were a variation of green.

Hyoyeon showed off her unique clothing items and held a small fashion show for the viewers. The singer explained, “I feel like my dance practice goes better when I have pretty clothes on. Even when I’m working, I do a better job when I like my clothes.”

Upon seeing Hyoyeon’s extravagant clothes, MC Leeteuk asked, “Do you really wear those out?” To which Hyoyeon hilariously answered, “[People] ask if it’s Halloween.”

Watch the episode below!

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