gugudan’s Mina, Nayoung, and Kim Sejeong transformed into three-minute juniors (hoobaes) on the April 8 episode of “SNL Korea 9.”

In the segment, actor Jung Sang Hoon portrays a college student who wants to befriend a bright and bubbly junior.

First up is Mina, who is full of aegyo (cute behavior). Jung Sang Hoon melts at her aegyo at first, but her cute antics slowly start to make him cringe. When he asks her to stop using aegyo, she becomes a dead body.

Next up is Nayoung, who portrays a mature student. Jung Sang Hoon is attracted to her sexy charms until he notices that everything around her matures too quickly. He gets shocked by the way ramen noodles, kimchi, and bananas become overripe when they’re near her.

His last hope is Kim Sejeong, who captures his heart with her strength and tough personality. He soon, however, gets freaked out by the way she overuses her strength.

Which three-minute junior is your favorite?

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