gugudan’s Mina prepared a heartwarming surprise for Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung on KBS’s traveling variety show “Battle Trip.”

The two idols, who were previously in the project group I.O.I together, went on a trip to Suncheon. The pair tried all kinds of activities there, such as wine tasting and eating delicious foods.

They also reminisced about their days in I.O.I, saying, “We’re able to go on ‘Battle Trip’ together like this. It makes us realize we received a lot of love back then. There are still many people who support us now. We’re even more grateful.”

The final course of their trip was visiting a beautiful rainbow bridge and fountain. Mina and Choi Yoojung were watching the beautiful fountain show when suddenly, colorful words appeared that read, “You and me…20 years old…Congratulations!”

Choi Yoojung couldn’t hide her shock, and Mina exclaimed cheerfully, “Congratulations!” It turned out Mina had planned a special surprise for their blossoming into adulthood, and had submitted a request online beforehand. The girls are now officially considered adults in Korea know that they are 20 years old [by Korean reckoning].

When Choi Yoojung expressed how touched she was, Mina told her again, “Congratulations on turning 20 years old.” The pair hugged each other tightly with celebratory smiles on their faces. Mina admitted, “It’s been a while since I felt such a healing moment, so I had fun.” They looked at each other and started to tear up while thinking about their memorable trip.

Watch the sweet moment below!

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