HALO has made a return for the first time in 10 months with their new digital single album “O.M.G.”!

The digital single album and music video were released at noon KST on May 1 and is HALO’s first project since their third mini album “Here I Am” last July. “O.M.G.” is a twist disco-pop track that mixes funky electronic guitar riffs and synths with a complex rhythm, with lyrics that compare a betrayal by a loved one to a dead end. Member Inhaeng is said to have personally created the rap verses for the new song.

The music video is simple but impactful as the members of HALO stand on top of a high-rise building and put on a show. Their sharp choreography compliments the funky beats, creating a performance that draws you in.

HALO will be promoting “O.M.G.” as five as it was previously announced that member Jaeyong will not be able to participate in upcoming activities due to scheduling conflicts.

Check out the music video below!

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