The contestants of “High School Rapper 3” are prepared to give their all to win!

On February 8, the survival program released a preview containing a glimpse of the contestants, who are wearing school uniforms.

The video is brief, and it only shows a portion of their clothes and faces, but their individual aspirations and uniqueness can be seen. They stand in the background as hidden silhouettes with the host Nucksal posing boldly in the front. Fans are already paying keen attention to the program and predicting who the winner will be. It  will be interesting to see which candidates will be selected and shown on the air in this season, where many talented rappers, current idols, and returning contestants will participate in.

“High School Rapper 3” previously announced its mentor lineup. The show will air its first episode on February 22 at 11 p.m. KST.

Watch the preview below:

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