iKON appeared on the December 27 broadcast of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol,” where they were awarded something they weren’t expecting.

On this episode, MCs Jung Hyung Don and Defconn held their seventh annual Weekly Idol Awards and personally went to hand deliver awards to the recipients. The two went to the YG Entertainment headquarters to give BIGBANG an award. However, none of the BIGBANG members were available due to their schedule.

iKON came out to receive the award on behalf of BIGBANG. They were not informed beforehand what was happening, and happily thought they were receiving an award before learning the truth.

The MCs instead asked iKON for an impromptu acapella performance of their track “Bling Bling” as well as BIGBANG’s “Lies.”

To thank iKON for their acapella performance and joining them in the cold, the MCs hilariously created a “King of Harmony” Award on the spot, and presented it to them.

Watch iKON’s acapella performances and award acceptance below!

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