IN2IT and Lovelyz appeared on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol”!

On the May 9 episode of the idol variety show, the two groups showed off their moves at various speeds.

IN2IT danced to Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” at double speed and perfectly captured the exciting feelings of falling in love for the first time. They then performed their newest title track “SnapShot” at double speed.

Lovelyz danced to their latest title track “That Day” at double speed. The MCs let the girl group listen to a preview of the sped-up song and the members were shocked at how fast it was. Once the music started, however, they danced perfectly in-sync despite their concerns.

Lovelyz also performed a roller coaster version of the song, which is when the song is sped up and slowed down at random times.

Check out the performances below!