INX has now staged their first comeback!

On April 4, the rookie boy group returned by releasing a music video for their new track “2GETHER” off their new single album of the same name. In the video, the guys show off their choreography for the track, as well as each flirt with and show their sweet relationship with a young woman who they give flowers to at the end.

The song’s title has a double meaning, not only expressing their desire to be “together” with someone but also their vow to go anywhere “to get her” and be with her.

Check it out below!

INX is a five-member group (featuring members Sangho, Junyong, Bonkuk, Jinam, and Win) under the agency NA Entertainment who debuted last August with their single “Alright.” After promotions for “2GETHER” this spring, the group plans to make their debut in Japan in July.

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