Singer IU has released two behind-the-scenes videos from the set of the MV for her prerelease track “Through The Night.”

The first version, which was released on March 31, was an April Fools’ Day Special for which “IU TV” became “Han Teo TV,” a segment in which IU’s manager, Han Teo, was the star. The video emphasized IU’s close relationships with all of her staff members, as they all joked around and laughed together, despite the long hours on set. At the end of the video, IU tells her fans that, if the reaction is positive, she will continue to film more episodes of “Han Teo TV.”

The second video, which was released on April 1, was the real “IU TV” version of the MV behind-the-scenes video. The video captures IU acting for her MV, taking selfies, and bickering playfully with her manager. Despite being cold and tired, IU remained professional and in good spirits for the entirety of the shoot.

Meanwhile, IU’s prerelease track “Through The Night” achieved a perfect all-kill and has been holding steady on music charts across the board. IU’s fourth full-length album, which she produced herself, will be released on April 21. The singer also released a trippy MV teaser for her track “Jam Jam.”

Watch the two behind-the-scenes videos below!