Updated April 20 KST:

IU is back with a second teaser for “Palette,” and this is a totally new look from the first teaser.

We can see IU in various outfits and with different hairstyles, even kissing a bust at one point. The words, “I like it, I’m twenty five. I got this, I’m truly fine,” are repeated multiple times over the course of the teaser, most likely part of the lyrics from her upcoming album.

Check out the teaser and let us know what you think!

Original Article:

In preparation for her epic comeback this year, IU has dropped everything from pre-release tracks to tracklists to teaser photos.

Now she releases the second MV teaser after unveiling “Ending Scene” with former co-star Kim Soo Hyun earlier this week.

The teaser, titled “Palette” (same as the album title), features a snippet of a mellow, soothing melody while IU films for either a music video or album jacket. The whole shoot has a vintage vibe and shows IU looking serious, but occasionally the lens pulls back to show the camera and IU smiling infectiously as she breaks character.

“Palette” is scheduled to be released on April 21.