JBJ has released a special music video for “Just Be Stars”!

“Just Be Stars” is a track from JBJ’s last album “New Moon” and was a song that all six members of JBJ helped write the lyrics for. The song contains a message of love for Joyfuls [official fandom name] who have been with JBJ during their time together, expressing the members’ gratitude and asking fans to remember and celebrate their shared memories.

Befitting of the lyrics, the special video contains video footage from JBJ’s seven months of activities, from their first photo shoot together to their concert and the filming of their last title track’s music video. Near the end, Kim Sang Gyun says “Joyfuls, we are always grateful to you,” followed by Kim Yong Guk (Jin Longguo) saying, “We will return even better than before,” and Kwon Hyun Bin’s “Please stay with us.”

Finally, the music video ends with Noh Tae Hyun saying, “This will be our last greeting,” before all the members say “Just be joyful. Thank you.”

Watch the music video below: