Recently, Ji Sung showed off his pitching skills by throwing the first pitch for the Doosan Bears. On April 4, SBS’s “Night of Real Entertainment” interviewed Ji Sung about his impressive throw.

During the interview, Ji Sung displayed his passion for baseball. “When I was younger, my dream was to become a baseball player. This is a dream come true for me,” he commented about his experience on the mound.

Later on, a reporter covering the story unveiled that during his middle school days, Ji Sung was throwing at a speed of 130 kilometers (approximately 80 miles) per hour. The actor even got scouted to pursue the sport full-time, but chose not to after his parents disapproved.

Experts also took note of the actor’s athletic ability. Yoo Hee Kwan, the starting pitcher for the Doosan Bears, gave a glowing review of Ji Sung’s throw and said, “Ji Sung is exceptional. I think he can even pitch for the actual game. His form was so perfect, I wanted to ask if he was a previous professional athlete. I think he might even be better than me.” The sports newscaster covering the game also commented on Ji Sung’s pitch and said, “His form is perfect to the point that he should be used as a textbook example for baseball players learning how to pitch.”

Check out his pitch below!

It looks like people just can’t get enough of Ji Sung.  He has also been receiving a lot of praise for his acting in “Defendant,” which has recently finished airing. Watch it exclusively on Viki!

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