In a newly released making film of JTBC’s “Untouchable,” Jin Goo is adorably blunt as he begs the production crew to let him go home and cries out desperately for ramen.

At the beginning of the video, Jin Goo notices the camera and points it out to his co-star Apink’s Jung Eun Ji, saying, “It’s filming.” She replies, “Then you should do something,” to which he responds by saying some words that get beeped out. Jung Eun Ji claps with amused laughter at first and then attempts to cover him up by explaining, “They’re lines.” Jin Goo smiles sheepishly and agrees, “I’m preparing for my next drama.” Jung Eun Ji apologizes, “They’re lines for his next drama. I’m sorry. Please don’t misunderstand.”

Later on, Jin Goo talks about how badly he wants to eat ramen. He explains that he’s been eating chicken breast for about 100 days now and complains about how he smells like chicken. Jin Goo confesses, “Today, I really want to eat ramen with egg in it.”

Towards the end of the clip, Jin Goo silently screams out a message to the production crew. In a mute voice, he cries out, “You production crew members! Stop it! Let’s go home already! Let’s go home!” The very last thing Jin Goo mentions is his desperate wish to eat ramen.

Watch the clip below:

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