JTBC’s “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” has released a new behind-the-scenes video of Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin filming on set.

The cast and crew gathered at a hospital to film on April 1, which was also Jung Hae In’s birthday. The director told him that he got him a gift, but also joked that it’s April Fool’s Day so he’ll have to wait to find out if it’s true or not.

Filming began and Seo Joon Hee (played by Jung Hae In) rushed into the emergency room to look for his girlfriend Yoon Jin Ah (played by Son Ye Jin). He looked worried and asked the information desk about her. After filming the scene, Jung Hae In monitored his acting, but didn’t look satisfied.

They reshot the scene and the actor showed more heightened emotions than he did during the previous take, which better expressed the concerned feelings of Seo Joon Hee.

Son Ye Jin then laid on a hospital bed and waited to film her scene. She said while laughing, “You know what’s weird? When I lay down on a hospital bed, I feel sick. It’s so funny. I feel sick when I wear a hospital gown. It’s really weird. I feel like I’m losing strength and suddenly feel weak.”

Jung Hae In sat at her bedside and the two talked in between takes. She asked him what time he slept last night and he answered, “5 in the morning.” When Son Ye Jin asked what he had been doing, the actor explained that he just couldn’t fall asleep. She then praised him for how he appeared in the previous night’s broadcast of their drama.

They resumed filming, but burst out into laughter when Seo Joon Hee zipped up Choi Jin Ah’s shoes with too much strength. The co-stars joked that it was as if he was zipping up the combat boots of a fellow soldier before successfully completing their scene.

“Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food” airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST. Check out the making-of video below!