On April 17, “Waikiki” co-stars Jung In Sun and Lee Yi Kyung confirmed that they have been dating for one year.

Following news about the relationship, viewers have looked back at “Waikiki” episodes to watch the couple as their characters were romantically involved with other co-stars.

One notable example is from their March 13 episode which featured commentary from the main cast as they reviewed various scenes and bloopers. During this episode, the cast watched a kiss scene blooper between Lee Yi Kyung and Go Won Hee.

As the scene begins, Lee Yi Kyung looks a bit nervous while Jung In Sun has a straight, serious face.

Since their relationship was not public at this point, Jung In Sun tries to smile and hide any awkwardness. It appears as though Go Won Hee might have been aware of their relationship as she glances at Jung In Sun while talking about the kiss scene and downplays it. Meanwhile, Lee Yi Kyung can’t look in Jung In Sun’s direction as they were keeping their relationship secret.

Watch the kiss scene reaction below:

While the situation must have been extremely awkward for the couple, they are now openly talking about their relationship. Jung In Sun recently shared how thankful she is for Lee Yi Kyung and Lee Yi Kyung talked about how he is a successful fan of hers.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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