In a newly released making film clip from JTBC’s “Just Between Lovers,” 2PM’s Junho and Won Jin Ah are in good spirits as they joke around behind the scenes.

During rehearsal, the two lead actors are both serious and silly as they practice their lines. Junho walks off according to the script and Won Jin Ah is quick to pursue him. Her fast but silly manner of walking makes Junho burst into laughter several times. She continues to chase him around the area, and eventually, they have a competition to see who can walk the fastest.

Junho and Won Jin Ah play around with ice cream next. Their ice cream keeps melting and Junho teases, “I think you need to get more ice cream. I don’t even have anymore left.” In order to preserve continuity in their scenes, they can’t help but laugh at how much ice cream they have to eat off set to make it the same amount as before.

The silliness continues indoors. In the middle of rehearsal, Won Jin Ah stares up at Junho, and he pretends to be rude as he goes, “What?” They even lip sync their lines and play with the props on set. Junho holds up a binder and playfully demands, “I guess Moon Soo doesn’t work. Why is this so light? What’s this?” Won Jin Ah wittily quips, “Who carries paper around nowadays? Everyone has a USB,” which Junho sadly retorts with, “[It’s because] I have no money.”

Lee Ki Woo, another actor in the drama, joins them for filming as well. He acts out a jealousy scene, and once the director shouts “cut,” he pokes his head in the bookshelf and jokes, “You happy? Are you happy?,” causing the people on staff to laugh at his fake jealousy.

Watch the silly video below!

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