The JYP family gathered together to send warm messages of support to their newest family member ITZY!

First up was Suzy, and she said, “Hello, this is Suzy. On February 12, 2019, my lovely juniors ITZY will be debuting with their title track ‘DALLA DALLA.’ Please show a lot of love and interest to the new members of the JYP family. Good luck, ITZY!”

Next, 2PM’s Junho wore a warm smile on his face as he said, “Hello, this is 2PM’s Junho. I sincerely thank everyone who came to ITZY’s showcase today. Please give a lot of love to our lovable youngest rookies, and I truly hope that our lovable rookies, who have so many different charms, will succeed. Please love ‘DALLA DALLA’ a lot, and I hope that you will create a flowery path for ITZY in the future. I truly thank you!”

DAY6 also congratulated ITZY on their debut. Sungjin remarked, “We hope you can show a lot of great activities in the future, and we will always be supporting you. Good luck!”


GOT7’s Youngjae, Mark, and BamBam showed their support for the new girl group as well. BamBam said, “ITZY, whom we have all been waiting for, has finally debuted. Congratulations. They truly worked hard, you know. I saw them in the practice room a lot, and they really worked hard to prepare.”

Mark commented, “As members of the same family, GOT7 will do our best to support you guys.” Youngjae added, “Although we couldn’t go [to the showcase] to cheer you on, we hope that your hard work paid off and that you showed a great performance.”

15&’s Park Jimin also encouraged ITZY, saying, “Everyone, did you hear the news? ITZY has debuted! I will support their music and performances from now on, and you guys will do the same, right? ITZY, congratulations on your debut. I’ll support you as a fan! Congratulations!”


The next ones to show support were TWICE. Tzuyu said, “At last, we have a ‘younger-sister’ girl group!” Sana commented, “You must be nervous about your debut stage, but I’m sure you will have results that are as good as the efforts you made.” Jihyo promised, “We’ll always support ITZY as fellow JYP family members, so we hope that the fans will look kindly upon them as well.”

Last but not least were former Wonder Girls members Yubin and Hyerim. Hyerim remarked, “We sincerely congratulate ITZY, who has a healthy energy and girl-crush vibes, on their debut.” Yubin showed her anticipation for the group, saying, “I saw them often at the practice rooms even before their debut. They work really hard, and they are very bright and cheerful. I can feel their positivity and ‘team power,’ so I am very happy that they’re finally debuting.”

Yubin and Hyerim promised to support ITZY with their love and interest, and they asked the fans to look forward to the group’s future activities as well.


Check out the full video below! You can also watch ITZY’s music video for their debut track “DALLA DALLA” here!