Kang Ji Hwan and Baek Jin Hee both have brazen personalities at the office in new character teasers for “Happy If You Died.”

In Kang Ji Hwan’s teaser, the actor shows just how horrible a boss his character Baek Jin Sang is. Baek Jin Sang is truly the rudest person in the office as he files his nails at his desk, swears at his co-workers, and doesn’t think he did anything wrong. To top it off, he asks his pregnant co-worker, “What do you think about quitting?” The narrator describes the character as one with zero social skills, and asks, “Would you like to work with someone like Baek Jin Sang?”

Baek Jin Hee’s teaser introduces her character Lee Luda, a member of the marketing team. She describes her family as always having been timid, pretending to like things they didn’t, pretending to be fine when angry. However, she shows that she’s the complete opposite, a very outspoken person. She boldly announces, “Let’s work while keeping our manners, shall we?” and “I think you’ll have to first think about why talented individuals aren’t coming to this office. For example, someone like me!”

“Happy If You Died” is an office drama about a horrible boss named Baek Jin Sang, and an outspoken assistant manager in his marketing team named Lee Luda, who tries to change him for the better.

The drama will air its first episode on November 7 at 10 p.m. KST.

Check out the teasers below!