The KARD members gathered in a dance practice room for the fun challenge of swapping parts with each other to perform their latest track “You In Me.”

“You In Me” is the co-ed group’s latest track from their second mini album “You & Me,” which was released on November 21.

Each member drew a piece of paper that had another member’s name on it. J.Seph and Jiwoo got each other’s names, while BM and Somin drew their own names. To make things fair, BM and Somin swapped parts anyway.

After getting into formation, the members struggled from the beginning. J.Seph even danced looking at the mirror at one point while other members also had difficulty remembering their newly assigned positions. The members pulled and pushed each other to help them find their spots, and, at one point, J.Seph accidentally elbowed BM in the chest.

When the song ended, Jiwoo collapsed onto the floor, while everyone had an expression of utter confusion on their faces. Check out the KARD’s stunning MV for “You & Me” here.

Watch the hilarious video of KARD dancing with reassigned positions below!